How Much Money Can You Save with Attic Insulation?

Attic insulation is a beneficial addition to your home, no matter the size, age, or the neighborhood. Once insulation is installed, your home instantly becomes more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone inside. Furthermore, there is an abundance of money to be saved when you use insulation and tons of other nice benefits thrown into the mix. But, exactly how much money can you save when insulating the attic?

It’s not easy to provide an exact number for this question. Many variables affect the amount of money that is saved after Pittsburgh spray foam insulation, including the type of insulation, the size of the home, and many other factors. However, it is easy to say that you save a ton of money with this simple addition and that it is well-worth the small expense you endure to make the installation.

Pittsburgh spray foam insulation

It is estimated that you can save anywhere from 15% to 50% of the normal heating and cooling costs of a home by simply adding insulation to the home. Even on the lower end of the savings, there is still a considerable amount of money left over in your pocket. Besides, the comfort that is enjoyed when you add spray foam is second to none and makes it well worth the addition in itself.

Be sure to compare your options before installing spray foam in the attic. It is pretty easy to compare the options online, via word of mouth sources, and others. No two providers charge the same rates for service nor do they all provide quality work. Do not settle for less when you are ready to protect your home. Research goes a long way and will ensure that you find the very best name out there to do the job.